Alexa Beauty of Tanguar Haor in Monsoon

Dhaka, Thursday   22 August 2019


Beauty of Tanguar Haor in Monsoon

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 Published: 06:51 PM, 18 July 2019   Updated: 06:52 PM, 18 July 2019

Tanguar Haor in Monsoon

Tanguar Haor in Monsoon

Monsoon is the most suitable time to visit the Tanguar Haor. Normally, the water level is very low during the year. So, thousands of tourists rushed to visit the waterfall of Tanguar Haor. Take a look at some of the pictures taken by SH Sagar —

 The waterfalls can be seen from Barrica Tila. It looks like the white sharee spread on the greenary

Rain at Haor on afternoon

The locals are seen busy fishing in Lakmachora

Fishermen sell fishes at Tahirpur Bazar