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Dhaka, Saturday   21 September 2019


Strict surveillance on social media 

Be careful rumor-mongers 

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 08:05 PM, 29 July 2019  

RAB detained few for allegedly spreading rumors

RAB detained few for allegedly spreading rumors

Recently many unscrupulous cycles are conspiring to create rumors — ‘child’s head will be needed for Padma Bridge’, ‘nuisance of child-lifting’, ‘power connection is being cut off’, ‘mosque was set on fire’, ‘Kaaba Sharif’, and ‘Shiva Linga’ etc — to create unrest and chaotic situation and intended to destroy the prevailing religious harmony in the country. 

In this, the intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies of the country are able to bring the rumors to a near-zero level by taking effective measures to prevent the origin and dissemination of these rumors. 

Noted that Bangladesh’s leading intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies have already achieved considerable success in the prevention of creating rumors. They have been working co-ordinately with each other in monitoring/ surveillance of rumors on social media and has been working diligently to identify the perpetrators of the rumors as well as bring them under the law immediately arresting them.

Facebook screenshot of a rumor-monger

According to credible sources, the top intelligence agencies in the country are currently conducting intensive surveillance to gather information about the rumors and civil administration, police and RAB are working closely with them. In the meantime, law enforcement agencies and the administration have been asked to make the public aware as well as to be cautious in this regard. 

Police headquarters have stated that killing people by lynch-mob attacks and creating unrest in the country by spreading rumors- in a criminal offense. Regarding this, various units across the country have been directed to take all measures to prevent rumors.

Already, a significant number of rumor-mongers have been identified through social media and various sources and have been arrested by the police and RAB through special drives. The identification and arrest process will continue in the future, the sources said. 

Messenger screenshot of  a rumor-monger

In the meantime, Ansar and VDP have started working with special teams of law enforcement agencies to prevent any rumors. More than 61 lakh members of the force are active in the field to raise awareness among the people. 

If there is superstition, there are rumors, say senior officials of law enforcement agencies. A message has been sent to Ansar force leaders of the village, union level — to increase awareness of avoiding rumors over Padma Bridge- to the village people.    

Even members of the force are reported to be collecting significant amounts of information regarding rumors in remote areas of the country.

RAB detained a rumor-monger

Also, the Ministry of Education has issued a press release and instructed teachers, students, guardians of all levels, so that no one can spread the rumor by using the educational institutions. 

Mentioning that the unscrupulous cycle is used all people including students-guardians for spreading rumors, the press release said that identify those rumor mongers and hand them over to the law enforcement agencies immediately.

In the above context, all the concerned agencies and administrations are urging people to inform the law enforcement agencies to prevent the rumors as well as to be careful about themselves. 

Police detained a rumor-monger

Because, even if you unconsciously create rumors and promotes them on social media, you may still be considered as rumor monger and you may be trapped under the law enforcement agencies. 

As the propaganda made by you — can kill innocent people — even lead inconsistent situations in the social hierarchy. 

Recently, unnecessary killings have been witnessed in the country over the rumor of ‘Child-lifting’ and ‘Human head will be needed for the construction of Padma Bridge’, which has caused fear and disrupted the normal lives of people in the society. 

Let us all build a society — free of rumor and superstition.