Bassbaba Sumon may get crippled for life!

Dhaka, Wednesday   08 April 2020


Bassbaba Sumon may get crippled for life!

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 02:11 PM, 26 February 2020  

Bassbaba Sumon

Bassbaba Sumon

Popular band star and country’s best bass guitarist Sumon, also known as Bassbaba Sumon, has become seriously ill. He has been living imperiled life for a long time before this.    

Meanwhile, Sumon was recovering from cancer some time ago. However, he was also injured in an accident while being treated in Thailand. And that accident got tense for the artist. 

Recently, the pain after Suman’s surgery has increased again. The artist himself said that he is going to Germany again on March 7 for surgery. He even told that if the surgery is not done in the right way, he is likely “to be crippled for life”. 

Meanwhile, Suman recently posted a post on his Facebook account. There the artist writes, “My body is not good at all. I lay in bed all day. The condition of the spine is very bad. I am going to Germany on March 19 for surgery, although doctors are not very optimistic. If the surgery is unsuccessful, I will get cripple. Let’s see what happens!” 

Noted that, Sumon went to Bangkok for a checkup in June 2017. He underwent minor surgery at the Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital there. He was returning to the hotel from there. While crossing the road, a microbus hit the artist from behind and got unconscious there.