Bangladeshi youth joins world`s best gaming company Tencent...

Dhaka, Monday   17 May 2021

Bangladeshi youth joins world`s best gaming company Tencent

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 Published: 03:30 PM, 18 April 2021  

Kazi Arafat Hossain

Kazi Arafat Hossain

E-sports has gained a lot of popularity in Bangladesh in a few years. That has been possible because of some enterprising young people. Kazi Arafat Hossain is such a youth talent who recently joined Tencent Holdings Limited, the world's leading gaming company, as head of e-sports.

Kazi Arafat Hossain himself confirmed the matter to Daily Bangladesh.

Kazi Arafat Hossain dreamed of e-sports in Bangladesh coming to such an important place 4-5 years ago. E-sports refers to a well-organized tournament, where online games compete instead of real games. Gaming institutions organize their own tournaments with the best players. Bangladesh has started this e-sports journey with Pubg mobile game. 

Arafat has been working for the expansion and development of e-sports in Bangladesh for a long time. Under his leadership, the first team from Bangladesh took part in the e-Sports World Cup.

Tencent Holdings Limited is the owner of the world's most popular online game Pubji. The young Arafat from Bangladesh will work in the organization's South Asian business development and e-sports management.

Kazi Arafat said that even a few days ago, no one was familiar with e-sports in Bangladesh. I am very happy to join the mobile gaming organization. I will focus on developing e-sports ecosystem for Bangladesh.

He said, "I feel really lucky to get this opportunity to serve the country through this work. Everyone will pray for me so that I can take our country forward through this work."

Kazi Arafat Hossain is dedicating his works to the next generation. His goal is to spread this game to Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar as well.