Bangladeshi Farzana becomes best doctor in Britain...

Dhaka, Wednesday   12 August 2020

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Bangladeshi Farzana becomes best doctor in Britain

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 Published: 08:18 PM, 4 July 2020  

Bangladeshi Farzana becomes best doctor in Britain

Bangladeshi Farzana becomes best doctor in Britain

British-Bangladeshis citizen Farzana Hossain provided health service from the front line amid coronavirus epidemic. The country's National Health Service (NHS) recently named her the UK's Physician of the Year. 

Farzana, a girl from Sylhet, Bangladesh, who lives in Newham, East London, has been providing treatment to British people for the last 18 years. Who was earlier recognized as the best doctor of Newham. This time she was nominated as the best doctor of the year at the national level. The British government has adorned her with this recognition for her contribution to COVID-19 treatment.

The health department of England has made a billboard with 12 of its own health workers ahead of the NHS's anniversary on Sunday. Farzana has taken place with others in recognition of her hard work and dedication.

According to the NHS website, the institution is celebrating its anniversary this year in an exceptional way. Twelve physicians have been photographed with the legendary British photographer Rankin. That picture has been hung in the form of billboards at various stops and important places in the country.

A photo posted by the NHS on Twitter shows Farzana standing in front of a billboard. Britain's has published the picture.

Farzana said my mother stroked when I was 19 years old. At that time I had my first term in medical school. I had to travel 259 miles to see my mother in the hospital. 

She wrote I did not understand whether to return to medical. But my mother used to say, you have to go. I want to see you as a doctor. My mother died five days later.

Farzana writes, "I can't describe how lucky I feel after almost two decades." Looking at the faces of the patients, it seems that they also belong to a family.

Farzana received the UK's General Practitioner of the Year (GP) award in November 2019. An organization called Pulse gave the award as a contribution to the medical field by 'overcoming obstacles'. This is a prestigious award in Britain. 

Farzana received the award for her contribution to Newham's project surgery. Dr. Peter Johns was her only partner in this project. This senior trainer suddenly committed suicide. Then Farzana broke down. 

"Peter was my best friend," she said, referring to the second tragedy in Farzana's life after her mother's death. I broke down after his death. He helped me so that I became a doctor today. 

Meanwhile, after the death of the senior doctor, Farzana started handling all the projects. The patients in her project were more satisfied than any other hospital in Britain.

Farzana said, I am serving the people, this is the big thing. I can go to work at the time of the epidemic thinking only one thing - those who are in bed, they have to feel good.

Farzana's father migrated from Bangladesh to Britain in 1970. He has worked from the front line to deal with the coronavirus situation. In addition to providing healthcare online over the past few months, he has also provided healthcare at vaccination clinics.

Farzana and her team have played a key role in treating British patients in the coronavirus epidemic. For the past three years, she has been on the local medical committee in Newham. Farzana also serves as the board director of the General Practice Federation in Newham. She is also a member of the NAPC Council in the United Kingdom.

Farzana is currently working as the CEO of the National Association of Primary Care in the United Kingdom. She said her goal is to ensure the health benefits of the economically disadvantaged.