Bangladesh notches one step in Global Rule of Law...

Dhaka, Wednesday   01 December 2021

Bangladesh notches one step in Global Rule of Law

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 02:28 PM, 16 October 2021  

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Representational Photo

Bangladesh is now ranked 124th out of 139 countries in the world where there is a Rule of Law. In this case, the country has advanced one step compared to last year.

Bangladesh ranks fourth among six countries in South Asia (excluding Bhutan and Maldives) in the International Civil Society Organization’s World Justice Project (WJP) ‘Rule of Law Index 2021’.

Nepal ranks top in South Asia in the WJP’s Rule of Law index. With a score of 0.52, the country ranks 70th globally. Sri Lanka and India are ranked 76th and 79th respectively. Pakistan and Afghanistan – ranked 130th and 134th respectively – are at the bottom of the list.

This year, Denmark is on top of the Global Rule of Law. Norway is in second and Finland in the third position. Other countries in the top ten are Sweden (fourth), Germany (fifth), Netherlands (sixth), New Zealand (seventh), Luxembourg (eighth), Austria (ninth) and Ireland (tenth).

At the bottom of the list with the lowest scores are - Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo), Cambodia and Venezuela.

The WJP determines this index using 44 of the eight main rules of the law. The rules are limited to government powers, government openness, corruption, fundamental rights, order and security, enforcement of controls, and criminal and civil justice systems.