Bangladesh detects another black fungus case...

Dhaka, Wednesday   04 August 2021

Bangladesh detects another black fungus case

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 Published: 03:52 PM, 14 June 2021   Updated: 07:59 PM, 14 June 2021

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Another case of black fungus has been detected in the country at Dhaka Medical College and Hospital in a patient who has recovered from Covid-19. 

Dr Farhad Hasan Chowdhury Maruf, the registrar of Dhaka Medical College (DMC) Hospital, said the 45-year-old patient, hailing from Khulna, was admitted to our unit a week ago with post-covid complications. He had headaches, sinusitis and right eye's problems. Later, he was detected with black fungus, known among doctors as mucormycosis. The man is now undergoing treatment at the hospital. 

Earlier, two cases of black fungus have been detected at Birdem Hospital in patients who have recovered from Covid-19. One of the patients, aged 45, was detected with black fungus on May 8 and the other, aged 60, was detected on May 23. 

Mucormycetes, the group of fungi that cause mucormycosis, are more common in soil than in air, and in summer and fall than in winter or spring. Most people come in contact with microscopic fungal spores every day, So, it's probably impossible to completely avoid coming in contact with mucormycetes.

These fungi aren't harmful to most people. However, for people who have weakened immune systems, breathing in mucormycete spores can cause an infection in the lungs or sinuses which can spread to other parts of the body. 

People treating a coronavirus patient sometimes use steroids out of panic, which compromises the immune system and puts the patient at risk of a black fungus infection.