Bangladesh archer Diya eliminated, gifts ‘best match’ in Archery...

Dhaka, Monday   20 September 2021

Tokyo Olympic 2020

Bangladesh archer Diya eliminated, gifts ‘best match’ in Archery

 Sports Correspondent

 Published: 12:29 PM, 29 July 2021   Updated: 04:01 PM, 29 July 2021

Diya Siddique; File Photo

Diya Siddique; File Photo

After Roman Sana, Diya Siddique was also eliminated from the Tokyo Olympics 2020 like a hero after losing in the tiebreaker. Both of the archers had one point of regret.

In the knockout stage, Bangladesh’s Nilphamari archer Diya Siddique had a toe-to-toe match with the opponent – who is 124 steps ahead in the world rankings. 

Despite winning the first set, Diya Siddiqui did not have a good start. She scored 6 on the first shot. However, Archer of Belarus scored only 4, as a result, Diya won the first set by 23-22 points. She scored 9 and 8 with the last two arrows.

The second set is also intensely competitive. Belarus archer Karina Deminskaya scored 9, 8, 9 against Diya’s scores of 9, 7, 9. Karina returned to the match after winning by 26-25 points. When the third set ends at 25-25 points, the points stand at 3-3.

In the fourth set, Diya lost 27-25. Bangladesh’s archer fell behind in 5-3 set points. However, Diya Siddiqui tied the game after winning the fifth set 27-25. Then the outcome of the game is determined by the shoot-off.

The result of the shoot-off settled in the first shoot. Belarus’s Karina scored 10 but Diya scored 9. The result of the match was determined at 6-5 set points.

The experience that Diya Siddique took from this Olympics will definitely come in handy in the future. In other words, this is the ‘new beginning’ of archery in Bangladesh.

In the men’s recurve, Roman Sana lost to Britain in the last 16. Diya Siddiqui was eliminated from the first round, however, she has gifted one of the most competitive games in Games Archery.

With the loss of Diya Siddiqui, 3 out of 6 athletes of Bangladesh were eliminated from the Tokyo Olympics. Shooter Abdullah Hel Baki was the first to eliminate. Later, Roman Sana and Diya were eliminated.

The remaining three representatives of Bangladesh in the Games are Ariful Islam and Junaina Ahmed in swimming and Zaheer Raihan in Athletics.