Bangladesh approves China`s `Vero Cell` vaccine for human trial...

Dhaka, Monday   02 August 2021

Bangladesh approves China`s `Vero Cell` vaccine for human trial

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 Published: 04:03 PM, 25 June 2021   Updated: 04:04 PM, 25 June 2021

Bangladesh approves China`s `Vero Cell` vaccine for human trial

Bangladesh approves China`s `Vero Cell` vaccine for human trial

The Bangladesh Medical Research Council (BMRC) has approved the third phase trial of the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine 'Vero Cell'.

BMRC announced on Wednesday that the Institute of Medical Biology Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences' vaccine candidate called Vero Cell was approved for human trials.

The trial could begin in just two weeks, officials said.

Earlier, the International Center for Diarrhea Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR'B) had sought approval to conduct clinical trials of Vero Cell vaccine on people aged 18 or above.

In August 2020, the Chinese Academy and the ICDDRB signed an agreement on conducting clinical trials.

The Chinese academy has given icddr'b about 1.5 million US dollars to conduct the trial. The academy also hired One Pharma as a local agent.

KSM Mostafizur, managing director of One Pharma, said the clinical trial of Vero Cell would begin in two weeks.

Professor ABM Faruk, former dean of the Department of Pharmacy at Dhaka University, said Bangladesh would benefit from the trial.

He said that the way of life, climate, daily habits and behavior of people are different in each country. If there is a clinical trial in Bangladesh, we will be able to know how the vaccine works on our people. Its effectiveness or side effects can also be known.

He said the trial should be conducted following the guidelines set by the World Health Organization. No exceptions to this would be acceptable.

Vero Cell is an inactive vaccine like polio and influenza vaccine. The third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine took place in Malaysia in January this year. Apart from IMBCAMS, India's India Biotech and Bangladesh's Globe Biotech sought approval for the vaccine trial in humans last year.

Professor Ruhul Amin, Director, BMRC, said that Globe Biotech can get approval if it meets the conditions set by BMRC. However, India's biotech application has not yet been decided.