Bangabandhu Char: Forest Department for protecting its habitat...

Dhaka, Friday   22 January 2021

Bangabandhu Char: Forest Department for protecting its habitat

 Khulna Correspondent

 Published: 03:02 PM, 21 November 2020  

Bangabandhu Char

Bangabandhu Char

The Forest Department has taken initiative to conserve the ‘Bangabandhu Char’ that has risen on the bosom of the Bay of Bengal. The awakened char, about 10 km from the last frontier of the Sundarbans, falls under the Nilkamal Sanctuary Center of the Western Forest Division.

The char was spotted by the Sundarbans Forest Department about 10 years ago. Since then, the Forest Department has been conducting regular supervision there. Now a patrol outpost has been ordered there. Ziaul Hasan, Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, gave the directive after inspecting the char on 14 November. It has also been asked to survey the char.

The area of ​​Bangabandhu Char is about 10 sq km, however, its size is gradually increasing. Various government and non-government organizations have already taken notice of the char and offered to set up their own offices and tourist spots there. 

According to the experts, if there is no public gathering on that char at the moment, it will also become another Sundarbans in the heart of the Bay of Bengal.

Forest officials cannot say who named the char ‘Bangabandhu Char’, however, they heard that the fishermen were the first to discover the existence of the char. Then someone may have named the char ‘Bangabandhu Char’. Since then, the char has been known by that name.

Md. Abu Saleh, Assistant Forest Conservator of Sundarbans West Forest Department Khulna Range, said different species of mangrove forest plants have already growing on the Bangabandhu Char. Gradually the char is becoming part of the Sundarbans.

He added that different types of wild animals have also been seen roaming there. That is why it has become urgent to save it. Patrol outposts will be set up there so that no one can damage the forest. 

“If the outpost is established, it will be possible to protect the biodiversity of the char and keep the forest environment intact. The char was earlier monitored under the Nilkamal Sanctuary Center of the Forest Department. The outpost set up at Char will also be under that office,” he added.