Badurtala School under Bishkhali River erosion threat...

Dhaka, Wednesday   27 October 2021

Badurtala School under Bishkhali River erosion threat

 Jhalokati Correspondent

 Published: 10:33 AM, 5 July 2020  

Eastern side of Badurtala Secondary School

Eastern side of Badurtala Secondary School

Erosion continues in the Bishkhali River due to cyclone Fani and Amphan. And the traditional Badurtala Secondary School in Rajapur, Jhalokati is getting lost in the river due to erosion.

Due to water increase due to the cyclone Fani, the eastern part of the school along with the goods was washed away in the river. Then Amphan, the rising tide, the continuous erosion is slowly swallowing up the school.

It has been seen on the spot that the corridor and some rooms on the eastern side of the school have already disappeared. At any moment the whole school will be lost in the river. At the same time, the mosque adjacent to the school, shops in Badurtala Bazar, and houses will be demolished.

It is learned that the authorities have stopped the educational activities in the school building for a long time due to the collapse of the classroom. Due to this, the studies of more than three hundred students are being disrupted.

Ayub Ali, Headmaster of Badurtala Secondary School, said the Secondary Education Officer, UNO, and other higher authorities have been informed more than once to protect the school. It was not possible to protect the school due to a lack of effective initiatives.

UP member Delwar Khalifa said if the erosion of the Bishkhali River could not be stopped on an emergency basis, the entire school would soon be submerged in the river.

UNO Sohag Hawlader of Rajapur said engineers had inspected the damaged school. The managing committee has been asked to auction the dilapidated building. We are looking for a new place for the school. The work of transferring the school will start as soon as the place is found.