Alexa Badminton Federation isn`t refunding money to junior players

Dhaka, Thursday   20 February 2020


Badminton Federation isn`t refunding money to junior players

 SI Rasel

 Published: 09:27 PM, 27 January 2020   Updated: 09:28 PM, 27 January 2020

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Bangladesh sent a team to Asia Under-17 Badminton Championship in Indonesia last December. Bangladesh Badminton Federation went to Indonesia with loan money from players but did not pay it to them after returning home. Even those who did not give the loan, Federation is now pressuring them for money. This information has been come out in the investigative report of Daily Bangladesh.

Aqib, a teenage badminton player from Chattogram, is a victim of such heinous work of the Federation.

He told Daily Bangladesh, "When Federation decided to send a national team to Indonesia they asked us to pay Tk 36,000 of Air ticket and told to go to Indonesia to play in the tournament. After the tournament, they will get $2200 in subsidies and we will be paid back with that money.”

Akib was talking to Federation member Zahidul Haque Kachi. The former Badminton player has been playing various roles in the Badminton Federation for many years. When other players agreed to go to Indonesia in exchange for money Akib was unwilling.

But two other players, Mangal and Ghalib, talked to team manager and coach Eng: Sarwar Alam about money. 

Ghalib's brother Sajjad said they were talking to Sarwar Alam. They are told that if it is too much, it may cost an additional Tk 5,000-6000. He is supposed to pay back Tk 30,000.  

Another player, Mangal, said in tune with Sajjad and said the same thing.

After the team went to Indonesia, Badminton Asia Federation handed over $ 2,200 as subsidy to team manager Sarwar Ala. From there, the coach handed over Tk 13,000 only who borrowed Tk 36,000.

They were informed that the food cost was a lot, so they were refunded Tk 13,000 only but it was not informed before leaving the country for Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Akib, who did not pay Tk 36,000, is now being pressured him to pay Tk 18,000. Aqib alredy paid Tk 10,000 and he is pressurizing to paid Tk 8,000 more.

Meanwhile, the other two players are waiting for the rest of their ticket money. No official of the Federation is taking responsibility for the loan.

Joy, Soad and Babu are players of Sarwar Badminton clubs and academies. So their responsibility was taken by coach Sarwar Alam himself.

In this regard, the team's manager Kam Koch Eng: Sarwar Alam told Daily Bangladesh, Zahidul Haque Kochi told us from the Federation that it was a matter of borrowing money. I paid for my academy. They also received a refund of Tk 13,000. However, it was said before the federation that it may cost Tk 15,000. He alleged that we were given a lot of misinformation from the Federation. I had to travel for 10 hours on a train which was not mentioned. We also have to bear that cost. We were told by the Federation that we would carry and eat all of Badminton Asia. But they just took responsibility for the accomodation. We have to eat in our own money. 

He also wanted to show this reporter all documents of the costs.

He also said the general secretary of the federation paid only $700 to seven players before leaving the country. 

Amir Hossain Bahar, general secretary of Bangladesh Badminton Federation, said he did not know anything about borrowing money. He was told nothing.

If a written complaint is filed to us we will take action.