Badhon blasts divorce, says ex-husband tried to snatch daughter...

Dhaka, Tuesday   18 May 2021

Badhon blasts divorce, says her ex-husband tried to snatch daughter from her

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 02:43 PM, 19 April 2021  

Badhon with her daughter

Badhon with her daughter

Popular actress Azmeri Haque Badhon prefers to be busy with herself, however, she is vocal when she sees the inconsistency of the society – because the experience she got from her own life has taught her to be such strict.

After her divorce from her husband, Badhon became a fighter as soon as she overcame the complicated situation she faced with her only daughter. She once said she wasted 34 years of her life in a “delusion” and that root is the “social system”. 

“I wanted to be an ideal woman bound by the society. Because I was taught that from a young age.”

“I couldn’t even tell anyone about my divorce,” Badhon said, mentioning that despite being constantly persecuted, she had to continue serving him as “master”. 

“He tortured me one after one domestically, socially and emotionally and I endured it all. Because I was taught that. I have learned that endurance is the work of an ideal woman. I can’t be a good woman if I don’t accept everything,” she said, adding that she could not tell anyone for three years that “she got divorced.” 

Badhon further said he not only harassed her, but he also tried to snatch her daughter from her. “From then, I could not accept anymore.”

“He and his new wife decided that they would take my baby and keep her with them. They did not care about my opinion,” Badhon said adding she got custody of her daughter as if it was a kind of snatching.