Badal becomes millionaire farming Saudi dates...

Dhaka, Friday   27 November 2020

Badal becomes millionaire farming Saudi dates

 Gazipur Correspondent

 Published: 05:54 PM, 8 October 2020  

Badal becomes millionaire farming Saudi dates

Badal becomes millionaire farming Saudi dates

Azwa, Maryam, Anbara, Matzel, Bahri, Khalas, Safawi, and several other types of dates are being cultivated in Gazipur now.

Nazrul Islam Badal is farming dates on his own land in Gazipur Sadar Upazila under the titile 'Saudi Date Palm Trees in Bangladesh'. Badal is now a millionaire by cultivating the dates of Saudi Arabia.

He is now dreaming to export dates. Besides cultivating dates, Nazrul has also set up a nursery for date seedlings.

Seeing the success in date cultivation, interested farmers from different districts are coming to him to know about date farming.

In 2015, he took a plan to cultivate dates and nurseries with the help of a friend living in Saudi Arabia. He collected date seeds and saplings from six countries with the help of that expatriate friend.

He first started cultivating date palm varieties of Saudi Arabia in 70 percent land. He first harvested the date from his garden in 2017. He also built a nursery. In the same year, he sold saplings worth Tk 62 lakh from his garden. At present, there are 16 species of date palms in his garden.

Farmer Nazrul Islam said he had planted 11 trees of different varieties experimentally three years ago. He is happy at getting bumper production this year.  

He hopes to be able to export dates outside the country soon.

He has seedlings produced from tissues, tree pen methods, and direct seeds. Yield is obtained from the tissue and tree pen method in two to three years. A tissue sapling sells for Tk 8,000 to Tk 10,000, a pen sapling for Tk50,000 to Tk 100,000, and a seedling for Tk 800 to Tk1,000. A full-grown tree produces 250 to 300 kg of dates. 

Pirujali Masterpara area farmers Shamim said, I have planted date palm with saplings from Nazrul Islam Badal. He collected and planted Saudi date palm varieties. The taste, smell, and characteristics of the dates produced in country are all the same as the varieties of dates in Saudi Arabia.

Gazipur Deputy Director of the Department of Agricultural Extension Mahbub Alam said that Saudi Arabia's date cultivation is a potential sector in Bangladesh.