Bachchu’s “Shei Tumi” storms in online in India ...

Dhaka, Sunday   31 May 2020

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Bachchu’s “Shei Tumi” storms in online in India 

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 11:12 AM, 4 April 2020   Updated: 11:46 AM, 4 April 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

After  passing away of the greatest guitarist, showman and musician in Bangladesh’s history, Ayub Bachchu the mourning spread to not only in Bangladesh but also in India especially in Kolkata as Kabir Suman, Anupam Roy and many other stars paid special tribute to Bachchu.  

Most of the songs of Bachchu are popular but “Shei Tumi” placing in the people’s minds in much appeal.  Among the 21-day lockdown in India the song “Sei Tumi Keno Eto Ochena Hole” has already started an online lockdown. One of Ayub Bachchu's fans and music lovers Saik Das, who started the initiative and as part of the event, hundreds of young Indian artists and musicians have sung and released the song on Facebook.

 “Shei Tumi” has come in new appeal in online in India and won the people’s hearts again as part of the Saik’s initiative.  

Saik Das told media about the project, that the song “Shei Tumi” can be heard by many in Kolkata. We would love to spread this song to more people. We will publish another video with around 20 videos selected from hundreds of songs as soon as possible. 

In fact, Ayub Bachchu and his band LRB were hugely popular in Kolkata from the eighty-nineties. He had performed at concerts in Kolkata and West Bengal several times.