BTV’s 55th founding anniv today...

Dhaka, Tuesday   02 March 2021

BTV’s 55th founding anniv today

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 Published: 10:44 AM, 25 December 2020   Updated: 10:45 AM, 25 December 2020

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The 55th anniversary of Bangladesh’s state media  Bangladesh Television will be celebrated tomorrow (Friday, December 24). The country’s state-owned media is going to set foot in 56 years with the promise and conviction of timely change to reach the audience. 

At a press conference on Thursday at BTV’s Rampura office in the capital, BTV Director General SM Harun-ur-Rashid, “We are trying to ensure the people’s right to access information and the general demand for entertainment through various arrangements. The country’s mainstream media cannot be lagged behind, as a result, we continue to try to be up-to-date like other televisions in the 21st century.”

“We are developing digital content and programs that will be released soon in this Mujib centenary year,” he also said, adding that BTV is trying to connect with new technologies.

Once there was no TV remote or so many TV channels! Occasionally Indian television could be seen. Everyone in the family got together to watch the special shows on special days on the state-owned channel and that is ‘Bangladesh Television’.

The entire generation of the 90s is indebted to Bangladesh Television (BTV). Friday was the most nostalgic day of entertainment for this generation and BTV was the main reason behind this. 

Many time-honored dramas like Bahubrihi, Ayomay, Kothao Keo Nei, Aaj Robibar or Rupnagar, ItiKatha were once aired on this channel. Shows like Alif Laila, MacGyver, Mysterious Island, Sindbad, Robocop, Robin Hood, X-files, Hercules could be seen on BTV at one time!

Many people have spent their childhood and adolescence watching this channel. Times have changed a lot. There have been innumerable channels now. But are there any thrills like old times? 

The last thing is – Bangladesh Television has set foot on 56 years. Today’s BTV started its journey on 25 December 1964 with a song sung by Ferdausi Rahman. The Dhaka Center of the then Pakistan Television Corporation was inaugurated at the DIT Bhaban (now RAJUK Bhaban) in Dhaka.

On 19 December 1996, a new full-fledged station of Bangladesh Television was established in Chattogram. Apart from Dhaka, BTV currently has a separate full-fledged station in Chattogram. Besides, there are sub-stations in 14 places in the country and a global channel called ‘BTV World’.

After Independence, it was renamed Bangladesh Television (BTV). On 9 February 1975, under the direction of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, a television station was shifted from a small area of ​​DIT to Rampura by incorporating modern technology.