BRUR VC Kalimullah declared unwanted on campus...

Dhaka, Sunday   28 November 2021

BRUR VC Kalimullah declared unwanted on campus

 Rangpur Correspondent

 Published: 07:49 PM, 4 March 2021  

BRUR VC Kalimullah declared unwanted on campus

BRUR VC Kalimullah declared unwanted on campus

The Bangabandhu Parishad has declared Begum Rokeya University Rangpur(BRUR) Vice-Chancellor Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah as unwanted, alleging that he made false and vulgar remarks about important people of the state including the Education Minister.

The announcement was made at an immediate press conference on the university campus on Thursday afternoon in protest of the vice-chancellor's press conference in Dhaka.

Mashiur Rahman, general secretary of BRUR Bangabandhu Parishad, said at the press conference that there are many allegations against VC Nazmul Ahsan Kalimullah. Of these, absent from campus in defiance of the President's directives, fraud in admission test, recruiting manpower by disobeying UGC directives, corruption, and irregularities in recruitment of teachers and others employees, arbitrary promotion, violation of policy in the procurement process, and occupying academic administrative positions violating laws, unauthorized and irregular foundation, infrastructural constraints. 

He lied in Dhaka today after the UGC's investigation report on the allegations of corruption leveled against him on February 25. 

“We complained two years after he took over. But he is blaming the previous VC at the press conference. So what did he do in two years? In his time, there has been as much corruption including design changes. He has filled the varsity with his close relatives. He is doing all kinds of irregularities with the people close to him,” Mashiur Rahman said.

BRUR Bangabandhu Parishad held press conference today; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The general secretary of BRUR Bangabandhu Parishad also said that the VC had attacked the education minister at the press conference. He has made vulgar remarks against government officials including the speaker. He even made bad comments about UGC. He has made misleading remarks about everything including the development of the government. So he was declared unwanted on the university campus. If he does not immediately apologize for these comments, we will be forced to take legal action against him, including the movement.

The irregularities and corruption have taken place with the help of the VC. He himself is disobeying the law has brought the learning environment, including the development of the university, to a standstill. We want the corrupt vice-chancellor to be removed from the university with punishment, added Mashiur Rahman.

Bangabandhu Parishad vice-president HM Tariqul Islam, assistant professor of chemistry Abdul Latif were present.