BRICM develops nasal spray to kill coronavirus...

Dhaka, Sunday   24 January 2021

BRICM develops nasal spray to kill coronavirus

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 09:12 PM, 12 January 2021  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Bangladesh Reference Institute for Chemical Measurements (BRICM) invented a nasal spray to kill coronavirus in the upper respiratory tract.

As per BRICM, this spray named ‘Bangasef Oro-Nasal Spray’ has proven safe, effective, and helpful in reducing the viral load in a small trial.

It is reported at a meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Science and Technology on Tuesday.

At that time, BRICM said, the spray has proved to be ‘safe and effective’ in the trial on 200 COVID-19 patients at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

Dr. Mala Khan, Acting Director General of BRICM, highlighted two benefits of the spray. First, it can kill the virus in close contact with COVID-19 patients; second, it helps to reduce the viral load of the patients.

The result of the trial is promising so far. As a result, they will apply for Bangladesh Medical Research Council (BMRC) approval, she added.