BNP`s politics shrinking gradually...

Dhaka, Wednesday   23 June 2021

BNP`s politics shrinking gradually

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 12:12 PM, 26 October 2020  

BNP`s politics shrinking gradually

BNP`s politics shrinking gradually

BNP's politics is shrinking due to internal conflicts among party leaders. Political analysts think that BNP cannot survive in fast politics.

Their shameful defeat in the last parliamentary elections unveiled the political turmoil of the party to the people.

According to political analysts, BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia and her son Tarique Rahman have completely failed to organize the party even after more than a decade. The party has stumbled into politics for poorly educated and incompetent leadership. Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman have a lack sufficient political knowledge.

In condition of anonymity, some top BNP leaders said, new surprises are needed to protect the party. In that case, Khaleda Zia and Tareque Rahman will have to step down from their direct responsibility for running the party. The responsibility of BNP should be handed over to any tested leader.

When asked about BNP's current situation Gonoshasthaya Nagar Hospital founder and the pro-BNP intellectual Dr. Jafrullah Chowdhury said that in the current era of fast politics, old-fashioned Begum Zia and Tareque Rahman are incompatible.

He said they are not perfect for domestic and global politics. Besides, both of them were convicted by the court. Due to this, the number of BNP friends and supporters at home and abroad is decreasing day by day. 

A senior BNP leader said on condition of anonymity that Begum Zia should resign from the post of chairperson and become the party's supreme adviser.

He said Tareque Rahman is doing a huge loss to the party from abroad. He should also resign from his post. Rather he can learn politics by studying at this time.

According to political analysts, BNP is unable to turn around because of its controversial leadership. In that case, Khaleda Zia and Tareque Rahman should step down from their respective posts. The people of the country have no confidence in their leadership. The party needs a major renovation to turn around.