BD Police suggest what to do if FB ID hacked ...

Dhaka, Sunday   20 September 2020

BD Police suggest what to do if FB ID hacked 

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 Published: 09:22 AM, 17 July 2020  

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For those who use the internet, more or less everyone has at least one account in social media. There are many benefits to using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn or WhatsApp but on the other hand, if the account is hacked then you must fall in trouble. 

The suggestion of what to do if your social media account is hacked has been given on the official Facebook page of Bangladesh Police:

* Firstly, enter the link

* Then click on "My account is compromised". If you are asked to know the information of the hacked account, give information of any one of the 2 options mentioned (e-mail or phone number).

* If the provided information is correct, it will show the actual account and ask for your current or old password; then "Continue" with your previous password here. 

* If the hacker has not changed the e-mail address, then the recovery option will be sent to your mail. It is possible to recover a hacked Facebook account.

* If the hacker has changed the e-mail address, phone number and other information required for login, then click on Need another way to authenticate? -> Submit a request to Facebook, it is possible to recover the hacked account by filling the form providing the necessary information and ID to recover the Facebook profile.

* If you are a victim of hacking on social media, you can lodge a complaint directly at the CID's Cyber Police Center.

You can also send a complaint through any of the following:

Hotline: 01730336431

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook page:

Also, if you are a victim of blackmailing through social media account hacking, inform the nearest police station without delay.