BCB considering to start DPL in January...

Dhaka, Sunday   01 August 2021

BCB considering to start DPL in January

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 Published: 07:07 PM, 19 October 2020  

BCB considering to start DPL in January

BCB considering to start DPL in January

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is contemplating to kick-start the Dhaka Premier League (DPL) in January next year sans any national player who will be busy with International commitment.

West Indies will visit Bangladesh in January, effectively keeping away the national players from the most coveted domestic tournament.

BCB game development chairman Khaled Mahmud Sujon said the January is the only slot in which they can fit the DPL.

“The DPL is not possible this year. We can start in January next year because we are committed to the T20 league which will start in mid-November and end in mid-December, so there is no slot in this year,” Mahmud said today.

“Until then, we have to arrange training opportunities for the clubs. They need to bring the players together. As such, I don’t think the DPL will be possible before the first week of January or the 10th.”

Mahmud further said if the clubs think about national players, in that case, they can’t arrange the DPL even in the next year due to the national team’s hectic schedule.

“Domestic cricket was held even when the national players played International cricket in our country. We can’t control everything. In that case, those who will play internationally may not be able to play domestic. It’s very simple,” he remarked.

“If the clubs think we can’t play without our national players then maybe we have to think after the completion of the series. Next year is actually such a busy schedule that you may not even get that chance. We didn’t feel like we had any free time in March-April.”

Mahmud made it clear that the BCB had no problem to hold DPL even though problems are aplenty to organize the league amid the Covid-19 situation.

“You see there are 12 teams in the DPL. If there are 15 players, there will be at least 20 people including players, coaches, management in each team. This is a big question for us where there is a place to accommodate about 240 people. We are talking about BKSP which can accommodate such a large number of people. That’s what we’re trying to do, where we can do the bio-bubble,” he said.

He went on to say: “If we do single league, there are 10 more matches left, how long will it take, it is a matter of thinking. Everything really matters, and since clubs are a big stakeholder until CCDM sits with clubs, they can’t make a decision. But what I can say is that BCB is positive,” he informed me.

Mahmud said the BCB is also thinking about the players’ financial matters as most of the players heavily depend on the DPL to run their family.

“BCB president is also positive that we can start the Premier League. But the most important thing in this situation is to protect the boys. So many people, God forbid, if one is attacked, if it spreads from there, then it will be difficult to run the league,”

“But as we look ahead, we are positive. We want the league to roll. DPL gives financial assurance to many players. Because with it they run their family and everything.”

The Covid-19 situation also affected the clubs financially, making them reluctant to take part in the DPL. There was talk about incentives for the clubs but Mahmud said BCB is not in a position to give the clubs incentive but they can arrange a loan for them.

“BCB will not give money to the club as an incentive. BCB only can arrange a loan for the clubs. I don’t think clubs are not capable of paying the players. Everything is going on in the country now. Now people are working and garments are running. I know it will be tough for the clubs. But it will not be so tough that it will not be able to run their clubs in the Premier League,” he concluded.