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Girl students using bicycles for going to school

 Ranjina Khanam, Narail Correspondent

 Published: 07:08 PM, 7 November 2018   Updated: 07:08 PM, 7 November 2018

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Hundreds of girl students of Guakhola High School under Narail Sadar Upazila are now using bicycles for going to school. 

Few girl students started going to school using bicycles and this number is increasing day by day. Now it has crossed more than a hundred. As a result, their attendance became better than previous years.  

Guakhala High School established in 1983 at Sheikh Hati Union Parishad which is 15 km away from the Narail city and situated nearby Narail Sadar and Jashore Bagharpara Upazila’s border area. Students from two Upazila’s including eleven villages such as Maliat, Bakli, Hatiara, Guakhola, Benahati, Kamlapur are coming to this school where about 300 students are now studying at present.

Most of the roads of this area are underdeveloped as it situated nearby border. Students come here far away likely 5km or 7km. 4-5 years ago, when the boys used to ride bicycles to go to school, the girls had to go to the van or walk to the school. To solve this problem, teachers and guardians had decided to give bicycles to female students.

And due to this, problems like transport cost and teasing of the wicked people have been decreased.

Shantana Gupta, a tenth-grade student said, “My home is in Bakli village which is 5km away from the school. Once I used to go to school on foot or using van, and due to this, I couldn’t attend classes properly and sometimes parents felt uneasy to pay transport fares. Then I along with my friends thought if boys can ride bicycle why aren’t we? And we discussed with teachers and parents for buying us bicycle. Later, we started riding bicycles to go to school after learning for several days.”

Dipti Pathok, a ninth-grade student said, “We used van so we had to pay extra fares daily and sometimes van wasn’t available, so we missed several classes but now the problems solved. While on a bicycle, other vehicles on the road do not want to give us roadside. Even, many people mock us.”

Shejuti Roy said, “I came from 5km away. There is no parking facility in this school. One of my friends lost her bicycle, a garage is urgent for us.”

Khushi Shikdar said, “Students from 11 villages come to this school, boys used bicycles for a long time but now girls started using this. At first, we felt ashamed but now we feel very comfortable to use it. We will go ahead with strong convictions. All the work will be done to eradicate prejudice, prejudice, eve teasing and women's oppression from society.”

Shohag Gupta, a tenth-grade student said, “Girls are now coming to school by bicycle as well as boys. When wicked boys of the village come to tease school girls, we schoolboys try to prevent them. Sometimes, we take the help of teachers and discussed those wicked boys’ guardians to stop them.”

Rabindranath Mandal, Head Master of this school said, “Guakhola High School situated 15km away from the city, about 300 students are here while there 143 girls. Some of them come from 5 to 7 km away which takes huge time and sometimes they became so tired that they can’t be attentive to their classes. Then we decided to provide the bicycles.” 

“Now they are using bicycles and we don’t think boys and girls are different than each other. Now they can reach school on time and showing better results than previous years,” he added.  

Sheikh Hati Union Awami League Secretary Tapash Pathak said, “Girls of Guakhola High School touched the mark of excellence which is the most significant decision. Now they can save money and time. Bicycles don’t pollute the environment. Besides, they will attend to their study more and more. And we expect proper help from authorities to develop Guakhola High School.”