Azan in Mike consented in US city

Dhaka, Wednesday   08 April 2020


Azan in Mike consented in US city

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 Published: 01:21 PM, 29 February 2020  

USA Mosque

USA Mosque

Patterson city authorities in the US state of New Jersey have allowed Mike to play Azan (Muslims’ announcement for prayer). When the Bangladeshi-American Councilman Shahin Khalik brought the proposal to the council, it passed by 7-0 votes.

However, two mass hearings will be held before the decision is implemented. A mass hearing and a final vote on the decision will be held on March 10.

Initially, the decision was made, that every time from 6 am to 10 pm, the mike can be played for a maximum of 5 minutes. In addition, mosques that use the mike for Azan will also be excluded from the noise pollution ordinance. Supporters of this decision are comparing Mike to the church bell. Church bells are allowed in the United States.

Councilman Shahin Khalik has said that only Azan can be heard for only 15 minutes in a day. However, the ice cream trucks and vans play loud noises for hours. About 30,000 Muslims live in Patterson. There are several mosques in the city. One of the cities that is allowed to play Mike in the United States is Hamtramck, Michigan.

Many non-Muslim residents protested there when the decision was made in 2004. But finally, it got the approval of the City Council.