Aynal, his wife-child murdered as they identified robbers...

Dhaka, Sunday   27 September 2020

Mystery unraveled over Mathbaria triple murde

Aynal, his wife-child murdered as they identified robbers

 Mathbaria Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 01:33 PM, 9 August 2020   Updated: 01:46 PM, 9 August 2020

Aynal, Khukumoni and three-years’ Asfia

Aynal, Khukumoni and three-years’ Asfia

The mystery of the Mathbaria’s widely sensational triple murder case has begun to ravel after the arrest of Oli Biswas, the mastermind of the incident of killing three members of the same family at Mathbaria in Pirojpur. According to the police, shocking information came out in his confession.

SP Hayatul Islam Khan held a press conference at Mathbaria Police Station on Saturday night after the arrest of mastermind Oli Biswas and his accomplice Rakib Bepari.

SP Hayatul Islam Khan said they initially admitted it to us. We have recovered weapons and some items used in the incident.

During the interrogation, they said that on July 31, four persons including Oli and Rakib broke into the rented house of Aynal, a motorist in the Dhanisafa area, hoping to loot cash and gold ornaments. They killed Aynal, his wife Khukumoni, and three-year-old daughter Asfia.

He further said that Aynal said to the murderer Oli 'Oli, brother, don't kill me, you take whatever you want.' At that time, Aynal also begged to save his wife and only daughter. After killing three people by suffocation, they kept the bodies hanged in the house.

Police drive is under way to arrest the other two people involved in the murder. Six more suspects were arrested in the incident.