Avoid cheap sunglasses to protect eyes...

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Avoid cheap sunglasses to protect eyes

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 Published: 01:34 AM, 19 September 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Many of us use sunglasses to protect our eyes from the intensity of the sun. In addition, sunglasses are an important accessory in fashion. Many people keep multiple designs and quality sunglasses in their collection.

But have you ever think that if the sunglasses you use are the right ones for your eyes? Due to some mistakes, sunglasses used for good eyesight may cause eye damage.

Experts say that the use of low-priced sunglasses can lead to danger for the eyes. The cornea of the eye may also become dry. Therefore, experts advise using good quality sunglasses for eye protection. Let’s take a look at some things to take care of sunglasses:

> You can clean sunglasses with a gentle solution for cleaning lenses.

> Wipe wet with the cloth provided with sunglasses.

> Put it in a box of sunglasses, without leaving it here and there.

> Dry sunglasses should not be wiped; dust-sand particles rubbed with glass can stain.

> Do not place sunglasses near too cold or too hot.