Alexa Asif plays villain in debut!

Dhaka, Tuesday   12 November 2019


Asif plays villain in debut!

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 07:57 PM, 22 October 2019  

Affan Mitul, Prima and Asif Alam

Affan Mitul, Prima and Asif Alam

Young director Akash Amin made a short film named ‘Blackmail’ where Affan Mitul, Prima and Asif Alam starring in the screenplay by Ajija Rahman Eti and produced by Shahid Khan. 

The shooting of the short film was completed on Monday at various places in Uttara under the banner of Post Box.

In this regard, director Akash Amin said, “I have worked with many great artists, and from that experience, I am saying that Prima is doing her best. And also because of the story, everyone will get pure entertainment, no matter how upset you are, you have to laugh. Because while shooting, I, Prima, Asif, Mitul, cameraman Sajib, and everyone in the unit, could not stop our laughing.”

Regarding the acting of journalist Asif Alam, “Asif was very vivid in front of the camera. I was thinking of him as a complete artist in front of the camera. It didn't feel like he was doing the first acting in front of the camera.”

In the context of the story, director Akash said that Prima loves Mithul. One day, Prima told Mithul, to deposit his expensive mobile phone for eating her ice cream. But Mithul hired his friend Asif to murder Prima for such an incident. This short story is running with the two lover’s miserliness.

The director said the short film will be released on a YouTube channel next Friday.