Asif faces ‘lawsuit’ at end of year...

Dhaka, Wednesday   20 January 2021

Asif faces ‘lawsuit’ at end of year

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 04:30 PM, 31 December 2020   Updated: 04:34 PM, 31 December 2020

Asif Akbar

Asif Akbar

Another new case has been filed against popular singer Asif Akbar who also known as the Prince of Bengali music. He himself broke the news through a long status posted on his Facebook wall.

“I received the court summons on the last day of the year,” Asif wrote in the status given on Thursday (December 31). “A famous singer has filed the case. I haven’t picked up the copy of the case yet so I can’t give any information properly. All I know is that I have to go to Mymensingh and face the case. So, I have some time on hand.”

“I am fascinated by the magic of the copyright office,” he wrote, noting that the wrong direction of the copyright office becomes a disturbing matter to Asif. “I also have to face unwanted troubles there. I never wanted these problems, even don’t want them. I am currently the victim, however, victory is assured In Sha Allah.”

At the end of the long status, the popular vocalist wrote, “Why is there so much trouble with me? The question came to mind normally. I find myself annoyed and embarrassed.”

“I will win one day and will win again and again like old times. This will take a long time, so I have to be patient,” Asif Akbar wrote on his status.