Asif’s 13 !

Asif’s 130!

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 Published: 08:12 PM, 1 December 2018   Updated: 08:12 PM, 1 December 2018

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Asif Akbar the ‘Prince of Bengali songs’, he comes up with different types of music and music videos one after another to the music listeners and viewers. Now, there is a big news by himself that there will 130 songs be released for his fans in the upcoming year.

Recently, Asif wrote in a statement on social media Facebook, where he wrote, “I promised to sing a 100 songs this year, by the grace of Allah 93 songs have been voiced. If you are committed to fulfilling the promise given before the scheduled time, you will succeed. There are plenty of video and audio recordings, which are now included in the long procession of the release.”

Asif also writes in this status, “Hoping the disappointment of the pessimists, the speed of music will increase their enthusiasm, that is what I want. I just want to sink in the middle of the song, I want to stay here, hope my listeners are not disappointed.” 

About his next project, the singer wrote, “A new song is coming. I will sing at least 130 songs for the next year 2019. I am now in healthy condition, I am good at my work, I want to stay here, I will be grateful if I do not tug. Win or loss is not a big deal, big deal is to take part -- this type of ancient model talks would have been good to receive during my childhood. I play for the win, I do not agree to defeat, I cannot accept it. Stay safe, stay healthy everybody ...”

Meanwhile, there are new music videos of Asif one after one. Along with the music, Asif’s remarkable presence on several music videos has responded well to the audience.  

He will appear in a new music video titled ‘Purnodoirgho Hasi’. In contrast, Nusrat Papiya will be seen in the opposite. This song will be released by KM Music Vision.

Besides, a song titled ‘Pasher Barir Sabina’ is being released in the SDC Music Station banner today. The song iswritten by HM Ripon, and lyrics is given by Amit Chatterjee. Apart from Asif Akbar, Asif Imroz, Asafiya Ahi, Naomi Khan will also be seen in the video. The video was made by Rohan Mahmud. Habib was in choreography.