Ashin Wirathu: The shadow-power of Buddhist terrorism...

Dhaka, Sunday   09 August 2020

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The anti-Muslim motivator behind ‘Rohingya genocide’ in Myanmar

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 Published: 07:56 PM, 6 June 2019   Updated: 08:00 PM, 6 June 2019

Buddhist hate speaker Ashin Wirathu: File Photo

Buddhist hate speaker Ashin Wirathu: File Photo

The 51 years old buddhist man who states Muslims as ‘Mad dog’ and Mosques as ‘enemy bases’. Stressing blames of ‘theft’ and ‘rapping Buddhist women’ against Muslims, the anti-Muslim ‘hero’ said “Muslim are mounting their population very fast.”

His is Ashin Wirathu, notoriously known for his rhetoric hate speeches against minority Muslims, particularly the Rohingya community. He is the world's most controversial Buddhist monk. Myanmar authorities have been supporting and patronizing him for years. That is why he is able to give such ridiculous and condemnatory speech against Muslim day after day.

But recently, after he attacked Nobel Laureate Myanmar's defiant leader Aung San Suu Kyi, the authorities of the country reached the conclusion that he had exceeded his limits and now a warrant has been issued against him for sedition case.

But who is Ashin Wirathu and what the background:

In 2001, Wirathu came to the country’s limelight after creating a mass hatred against Muslim through a boycott call of Muslim owners’ markets, productions, and all business across the country. Later, he was arrested and sentenced 25 years imprisonment in 2003 on that crime. But only after 7 years, he got released from jail in government’s general amnesty. Then he ran his anti-Muslim activities again, it got ferocious later. As a result millions of Rohingya Muslims had to flee from Myanmar in 2012.

His hate speech containing Buddhist heroism spirit of past, had a magical power to motivate Buddhists.

Wirathu played an important role to ban Buddhist women marriage with Muslim man in the country.

Regarding Muslim he said, “There is no opportunity to underestimate a snake, although it is small; Muslims are like snakes.”

After his massive hatred activities in social media, the Facebook has banned him in January, 2018. Later he started using YouTube, twitter and many other networking sites like Russ media site VK.

Meanwhile, in 2013, United States based international magazine flashed him in symbolic Photo, saying “Face of a Buddhist terrorist.”

Regarding this, Wirathu said BBC in 2013, “I am being attacked by misinformation. I think there is a group of people who are giving money to the media to malign me. And it is sure that Muslims are controlling online media.”

On the other hand, a documentary made on ‘Wirathu’ expressed him as “Buddhist bin Laden” in 2015. And western media received his title massively. Now he is known as “Buddhist bin Laden.”

The world most controversial Buddhist Monk is downward with his own debates. In 2015, When UN special envoy Yang Li was sent to investigate the misery of minority Muslims in Myanmar, Wirathu then slapped her saying a' bitch ' and 'whore'.

Meanwhile, last year, UN envoys along with International Criminal Court or the ICC representatives to report the involvement of Myanmar top army generals in genocide of Rakhine. Only after the initial investigation by the ICC, Wirathu declared "The day the ICC arrives here, Wirathu will take the gun in hand."

He also has played a notorious role in Rohingya crisis in 2012. And it is cleared from his interview with British media the Guardian in 2017, he said “Aung San Suu Kyi wanted to help the Bengalis (Rohingyas). But I stopped her." Burmese naturalists called their Muslim nationals as Bengali often.

Although there is no state religion in Myanmar, most of the population are Buddhist. The Buddhist has a strong influence over the government as well the whole sovereign body as they most 90% of the population. Besides, Buddha monasteries in the country had been being patronized by the government for the centuries, as a result those religious centers have some excessive control over the society as well as the business and economic system in the ago based country.

In these opportunity, Ashin Wirathu started to develop many anti- Muslim organizations in the country like 969, ‘Ma Ba Tha’ etc.

Actually those groups were set to spread anti- Muslim propaganda in the society as well as in the world. Although, in 2013, the Myanmar president Thein Sein supported him initially, his organization ‘Ma Ba Tha’ got closed in 2017.

It is learnt that, his provocative anti-Muslim speeches created a severe impact to occur the Rohingya crisis, but still he is not regretted for is. In an hour long interview with BBC in 2013, he claimed, “Muslims behave well just when they are weak, but when they become strong, they become wolf or chameleons, then they form a group and attack other animals.”

Wirathu has mounted power from society to the state machine, he flies from country to country and spreads his hatred culture many where. In 2014, he flew to Sri Lanka for conference where he said, “Today Buddhist religion is in danger. If we hear the danger signal then we all have to hold hands together.”

The last step of his state patronized hatred mission ends in 2017, when government supported Sangha Counsel banned him to hold religious meeting and speeches. And it was the consequence of attacking the most popular leader ‘Aung San Suu Kyi’.

Regarding Aung San Suu Kyi he said, “She wears fashionable clothes, use make-ups, wear high heels and walk before foreigners shaking her hips.”

He blasted such comments in a rally in April this year.

On the other hand regarding his odd comments against Suu Kyi; Miyat Tu, the co-founder of a research organization named ‘Yangon School of Political Science’ said, “Wirathu is a very popular monk, its number of followers is also very much, when his followers attacked Muslims, his followers were happy, but when this Wirathu attacked Aung San Suu Kyi, its popularity also shook.”

The arrest warrant had been issued on Tuesday by the western district court in Myanmar’s main city, Yangon. Police is looking for him.

But he don’t care of this, and said, “If they want to arrest me, they can do.”

At some recent rallies, Wirathu has accused the government of corruption and criticized it for trying to change the constitution in a way that would reduce the power of the military.

Source: BBC Bangla