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Artists who in run for women’s reserved seats

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 Published: 05:59 PM, 8 January 2019   Updated: 05:59 PM, 8 January 2019

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

The 11th parliamentary elections were held on December 30. Showbiz stars were seen in the Awami League’s election campaign. Awami League won this year’s election. In the meantime, the oath of MP, minister, state minister and deputy ministers has been completed. Now it’s time for MP election in reserved women seats.

The elected 300 MPs will elect the women members for the reserved seats. In the meantime, the process will start in the middle of February.

Awami League women leaders have been seen to become MP for the reserved seats. The showbiz stars are also in the discussion for the reserved women seats.

There are several names coming up. It is to be mentioned that the name of actress Rokeya Prachy, Shomi Kaiser, Tareen Jahan, Jyotika Jyoti, Tarana Halim, Kobori, Apu Biswas.

Rokeya Prachy

Actress Rokeya Prachy is active in Awami League politics for a long time. The actress is regularly seen in the party's activities on the streets. She is currently working as the cultural affairs secretary of Bangladesh Women’s Awami League.

She was expected to get the nomination from Awami League ion the Feni-3 (Daganbhuiyan-Sonagazi) constituency. Prior to that, she was seen in the election campaign regularly.

But she did not get the nomination in the election. But she was conducting a campaign for the nominated candidate by the party orders. Now, she is hoping for a nomination for the reserved seats and to be elected. 

She said, “I have been working as an Awami League activist for a long time. I grew up with the Bangabandhu’s ideology. The consciousness of my patriotism has highlighted by staying beside along with leader Sheikh Hasina. Now, I want to use this ideal and experience for the country people.”

“The Cabinet has formed recently. The selection process for the reserved seats is still very late. But I'm preparing myself for that time.”

She also said, “I am optimistic that Sister (Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina) will evaluate me. She knows all my work and sacrifice for the party.” 

Shomi Kaiser

The family of actress Shomi Kaiser was involved in Awami League politics for a long time. She is the daughter of Shaheed intellectual and novelist Shahidullah Kaiser and writer Panna Kaiser. Shahidullah Kaiser was killed in the murder of intellectuals on December 14, 1971, in the hands of the anti-liberation Razakars, Al Badar and Al Shams. Her mother Panna Kaiser was a member of the reserved seats of Awami League.

Shomi Kaiser has been active in Awami League politics for several years. In the 11th parliamentary elections, she also sought nomination from the Feni-3 (Daganbhuiyan-Sonagazi) constituency. But she did not get the nomination.

It is being heard that in the actress is ahead to get nominations for the reserved seats.

Apu Biswas

The popular actress of Dhaliwood, Apu Biswas is also in the discussion for becoming an MP for the reserved seats. She was directly involved in the Awami League’s election campaign. Even, there was a rumor of buying nomination form. But she rejected that rumor.  

But now Apu Biswas said that she wants to get Awami League nomination to become an MP for reserved women seats.

In the context, Apu said, “I grew up in the family with the ideology of the politics of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. My political life has been influenced since childhood.”

“Though I could not see him, I see the love of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. I am fortunate to get her admiration and got courage from her in times of sadness of my life, I got the advice of being patient. I like the opportunity to work under her leadership.” 

She also said, “I am not active in politics. This time I was in the field of politics for the first time in the campaign of the boat. I am also involved in various social activities. I want to work for people’s welfare. So, I would like to nominate for the reserved seats under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.”

Tarana Halim 

Tarana Halim, a dramatist, and actress who is associated with Awami League politics since her career. 

She is a parliament member of Awami League-backed reserved seats for the last two consecutive terms.

Last time, she showed success as the Minister of State for Ministry of Postal and Telecommunications and the Minister of State of Ministry of Information. She also prayed for the party nomination for the 11th parliamentary elections.

Though she did not get the nomination, she was seen is the election campaign with media artists on behalf of Bangabandhu Sangskritik Jote. So, she thinks her contribution will be evaluated by the party. 

Sarah Begum Kobori

One time popular actress of Dhaka film, Sarah Begum Kobori is closely related to Awami League politics. There was a discussion about her buying nomination form Mymensingh-3 constituency. She eventually withdrew from that decision and took part in the election campaign. Now, she will be applied to become a member of the women’s reserved seats.  

In this context, she said, “If the party considers her eligible, then she will get the nomination. Even if I don’t get, I will be with the team.”

Jyotika Jyoti

Actress Jyotika Jyoti is active in Awami League politics since her student life. Now she wants to nominate for the reserved women seats.

She has also been in the discussion for purchasing nominations from the Mymensingh-3 constituency. Later, she withdrew from that decision and participated in the election campaign. Jyoti is now preparing for the reserved seats.

Jyoti said, “The whole thing depends on the party's decision. I like to nominate for the reserved seats. But the party and leader will take the final decision.”  

Also, showbiz stars including actress Tareen Jahan, star Anjana, and many others are seen in the list nominated nominees for the reserved women seats.