Alexa Artificial milk production: Cost TK 6, Sell TK 61!

Dhaka, Friday   21 February 2020


Artificial milk production: Cost TK 6, Sell TK 61!

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 Published: 07:03 PM, 21 July 2019  

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Fifty-seven people have been arrested for producing highly toxic synthetic milk in the Gwalior-Chambal region of Madhya Pradesh of India on Friday. By raiding in three adulterant milk factories, Special Task Force (STF) of Police arrested them.

According to Indian news media  NDTV, Police said, the milk was supplied to branded milk units of three states-  Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana and Maharashtra of India. 

Rajesh Bhadoria, Superintendent of Police of Special Task Force, said: “The teams seized around 10,000 liters of spurious milk, over 500 kg of spurious Mawa or Khoya and over 200 kg synthetic paneer(cottage cheese)".

A large amount of liquid detergent, refined oil, and glucose powder were recovered from those factories. Police officers got surprised at it. 

They said that 30 percent milk, refined oil, liquid detergent, white color, and glucose powder were mixed to make per liter adulterated milk. The milk was supplied to the major markets of different states of India.

In this process, the cost of producing adulterated milk per liter was 5 rupees (Bangladeshi TK 6.13), and they were sold at the rate of 45 to 50 Rupees (61.31 Bangladeshi TK).