Alexa Armpits black stain? Remove in just 5 mins...

Dhaka, Monday   23 September 2019


Armpits black stain? Remove in just 5 mins...

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 Published: 03:03 PM, 26 July 2019  

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‘Black spots of the armpits’ are to metabolize many people. Though many people want to escape from such a sensitive issue they cannot talk about it. But do you know that the black spot of armpits can easily be removed by the domestic means in just 5 minutes?

Let’s see how to remove armpit spot:

First Step:

At first, you have to cut the peel of a big potato, then chip it and put these pieces into a bowl.  Blend them well in a blender and squeeze it in a cotton cloth and take out the extract. Potato extract work as natural bleach which helps to brighten the skin.

Second Step: 

Now mix five drops of lemon juice with it. Its citric acid removes dead cells of the skin and its vitamin C works as anti-rashes on the skin.

Third Step:

Put a little turmeric powder in this mixture which helps to remove excess oil in the skin and eliminate the acne germs.

Fourth Step:

Blend half of the cucumber after peeled out and take out the extract. Now mix one teaspoon of cucumber juice with this mixture. Vitamin B and biotin of cucumber removes red spots from the skin.

Fifth Step:

Now clean the bottom of the armpit with a cleaner and wipe it. Put the mixture under the armpits with a cotton ball. Wait for a while.

Sixth Step:

Now wet a towel in hot water and rub down the armpits. Dry well and put a few drops of rose water in that area.

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