Apu Biswas’s ‘manager’ involved in women trafficking in Dubai...

Dhaka, Monday   26 October 2020

Apu Biswas’s ‘manager’ involved in women trafficking in Dubai

 Entertainment Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 02:53 PM, 13 September 2020   Updated: 03:04 PM, 13 September 2020

Apu Biswas and her ‘manager’ Gautam

Apu Biswas and her ‘manager’ Gautam

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) arrested popular choreographer Evan Shahriar Sohag on charges of trafficking women behind a dance bar in Dubai. After his arrest, the names of many people involved in this misdeed have come out one by one – which also includes the name of Gautam Saha, the manager and choreographer of Dhallywood actress Apu Biswas.

It is learned that Gautam used to hand over the dancers to Azam Khan, the owner of a dance bar in Dubai, his brother Nazim and Ershad. His name has come up in the confessional statements of at least two accused arrested in Dubai on charges of trafficking dancers. 

About this, Apu Biswas told the local media that although she has worked with many people in the film, she has no manager named Gautam and “never was”. However, she knows several people in the film industry, including choreographer Gautam.

However, speaking to those involved in the film industry, it is learned that Gautam, who is accused of trafficking women, is the manager of Apu Biswas.

Meanwhile, Gautam made a comment on his allegations, saying that he “knew” many people including Evan Shahriar Sohag from work, but he did not send any dancer to Dubai. 

When telling him multiple defendants arrested in the human trafficking case revealed his name, he hurriedly hung up the phone! After trying to contact him a few times, his phone was found busy.

Earlier in July, CID arrested five members of his trafficking ring, including Azam Khan, based on the information provided by the Dubai police. Then 3 of them gave confessional statements in the court. Sohag was arrested based on that statement. 

According to the CID, they are trafficking women behind the dance. Sohag was running a dance company called ‘Dance Troupe’. His team dances at various corporate events.

After the arrest of ring leader Azam of Bangladesh and his two associates Moyna and Md. Alamin alias Diamond, they told CID: “At first, young women aged 20-22 were lured to work in hotels. Tk 20,000-30,000 was paid in cash as a salary to gain loyalty. Not only that, but the brokers also paid all the expenses for going to and from Dubai. But after moving to Dubai, they were taken hostage in a hotel, forced to dance in a dance club with prostitution.”

In the last eight years, more than a hundred young Bangladeshi girls have been trafficked to Dubai in the name of jobs. The international women’s trafficking ring has forced them to get involved in prostitution, they confessed in the CID interrogation.