Apple to bring foldable iPhone...

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Apple to bring foldable iPhone

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 Published: 10:00 AM, 8 February 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Different tech-giants have traditionally jumped to bring the smartphone with foldable screen to market. Apple has shown interest in foldable phones after Samsung and Huawei.

Apple is hitting its head with plans to bring a foldable version of the iPhone. At least that's what it is assuming from another Apple application for a patent in the United States. Inventive hinges have been identified on the device with patented designs.

Apple's Foldable Patent Design

Apple applied for a patent in 2016. The company has patented a special hinges mechanism to make foldable iPhones. This will reduce the stain from the fold on the display. After folding, the gap will be reduced. Apple's such innovation is thought to be superior to Samsung, Huawei and other foldable smartphones.

Meanwhile, many companies has taken the market surprise with foldable phones. In that case, Apple is far behind. But the research development that Apple is involved in can certainly be succeeded. Apple lovers can expect a foldable iPhone in near future!