Apple furious over ‘Android’ run on iPhone!...

Dhaka, Sunday   31 May 2020

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Apple furious over ‘Android’ run on iPhone!

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 Published: 10:33 AM, 6 March 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Is it possible to run the Android operating system on the iPhone? A group of developers has answered this question. According to them, this impossibility can be achieved. They did, and Apple got annoyed in this.

The developers' cyber-security team 'Corellium' has done the job. With the project Sandcastle, they have been able to launch the Android operating system by rooting on the iPhone 7 and 7Plus. Even after gaining that capability, they have shown that Android works on iOS devices.

Although all the features of Android operating system weren't running on the iPhone. GPU, audio, cellular, Bluetooth, and camera were not working. But the iPhone is on. And developers see this as the first step. Although they say, they didn't try very hard with the iPhone 7.

Apple is not inactive in such an occurrence by the developer team. The US giant has also filed a lawsuit against Corellium, citing security threats. Apple's lawyer says what Corellium has done is undoubtedly endanger the security of other devices, including iPhones.