Alexa Anwar succeeds in Squash farming

Dhaka, Sunday   23 February 2020


Anwar succeeds in Squash farming

 Sukumol Kumar Pramanik, Naogan

 Published: 08:48 PM, 17 January 2020  

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Anwar Hossain a farmer from Ranginagar Upazila of Naogaon, sees successful cultivation of Squash along with other vegetables.

Farmer Anwar Hossain is the son of Abdul Rahman of Kaligram Dighirpur village of Kaligram UP. He said that for several years he has been cultivating different types of vegetables including Shrimp, Gourd, Radish, Tomatoes, Cauliflower and Cabbage. 

However, seeing this vegetable in a hat he plant squash saplings as experimental. First, he plant seeds like sweet pumpkin or ground at home, then he plants it in the fields and got success. The squash tree is like a sweet pumpkin.

Raninagar Upazila Agriculture Officer Shahidul Islam said the sweet pumpkin is round but it looks as long as squash and is like sweet pumpkin in taste. It is also very nutritious. Although the sweet pumpkin tree is very tall, the squash tree is one to one and a half feet tall. 

He added that although this vegetable is cultivated in hilly areas and in different countries, it is very new in this part of the country. And although the farmers are successful in cultivating this new vegetable, they have little idea of ​​squash cultivation. 

For the first time, squash has been cultivated in two places in Raninagar Upazila. Saurav Khandkar of Simba village of the Upazila has also cultivated squash vegetables in three Katha land.

Meanwhile, this vegetable is new in the market but is being sold at a price Tk 30 to 35 per piece due to demand. Each squash is between one and a half to two and a half kg. Since squash is new in the area as a vegetable, many local vegetable farmers are coming and consulting to learn about its farming practices and to see squash fields.

Anwar Hossain also said that he has cultivated in about eight decimal of land as experimental. According to the farmer's data, the purchase of saplings, preparation of land, planting, fertilizers and pesticides, has cost eight Tk 1500. 

So far, Tk 6000 worth of squash has been sold from the land. He also expected to earn Tk 2000 or more from the remaining Squash. He said the cost of cultivating is relatively low and I will cultivate more squash on more land next year.

Shahidul Islam added, "We have no idea about cultivating squash vegetables. The two cultivators in this area have been successful and become profited. Many of them are coming to the office for advice. But we cannot advise the farmers as there is no proper idea in squash cultivation. Even then, from the idea that we have taken, squash cultivation is quite profitable. Hopefully, squash will be grown in a big way next season.