Antibiotics won’t treat coronavirus, needs awareness

Dhaka, Thursday   02 April 2020


WHO’s warning message

Antibiotics won’t treat coronavirus, needs awareness

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 Published: 12:54 PM, 7 February 2020   Updated: 01:00 PM, 7 February 2020



The world now greatly fears of coronavirus as the death toll in China is increasing day by day. Even the doctors, nurses, pharmacists are struggling trying to save patients. 

According to the National Health Commission of China, a total of 636 people have died so far from the virus. In addition, the total number of infected patients has reached 31,161 with new 3,143 new confirmed cases.   

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that the deadly coronavirus is not a bacterial infection. So, the antibiotic will not be able to cure this virus. Therefore the organization has given necessary advice to keep the world safe from the virus — 

  1. The vocal cord must be kept moist. Make sure the throat does not get dry at all. 
  2. Drink water when getting thirsty. The virus can be infected in just 10 minutes if the vocal cord gets dry.
  3. Drink 50 to 80 cc warm water (for adults). 30 to 50 cc for children.  
  4. Always keep pure water near your hand. Be sure to keep water even if you are outside.
  5. Keep the vocal cord moist by drinking a little water at a time, not drinking too much water at the same time. 

Follow these rules until the end of March this year so that coronavirus does not infect your body - 

  1. Stay away from crowded places
  2. Use masks on trains, buses and any public transportation.
  3. Avoid fried burnt or oily foods. 
  4. Eat plenty of vitamin C foods. 

Symptoms of coronavirus —

  1. Frequent high-temperature fever.
  2. Coughing for a long time after the fever.
  3. The elderly suffer from physical illnesses, headaches, especially respiratory diseases.

Children also have such symptoms. So, take the highest possible measure to prevent this deadly disease. Be aware of yourself and alert others.