Amazon expert shot dead with arrow by indigenous men...

Dhaka, Wednesday   30 September 2020

Amazon expert shot dead with arrow by indigenous men

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 Published: 08:33 PM, 11 September 2020  

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

A top Brazilian expert on isolated Amazon tribes has been killed by an arrow that struck him in the chest as he approached an indigenous site –reports BBC.

The 56-year-old govt. official and activist named Rieli Franciscato was shot with an arrow on Wednesday while trying to investigate sightings of the Cautario River isolated group in the Amazon rainforest, Brazilian authorities said on Thursday.

He was in the area to monitor a tribe as part of his work for the government's indigenous agency, Funai.

The Kaninde Ethno-Environmental Defence Association, which he helped create in the 1980s, said the indigenous group had no ability to distinguish between a friend or a foe from the outside world.

Witnesses said Mr Franciscato and his party came under fire as they approached an indigenous group.

Mr Franciscato, who was accompanied by police, attempted to take shelter behind a vehicle, but was struck in the chest by an arrow, witnesses said.

Source: BBC