Allama Azhar Ali Anwar Shah dies

Dhaka, Thursday   09 April 2020


Allama Azhar Ali Anwar Shah dies

 Kishoreganj Correspondent

 Published: 07:55 PM, 29 January 2020  

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Famous scholar of the country Allama Azhar Ali Anwar Shah, Director General of Al-Jamiatul Imdadia and Khatib of historical Shahidee Mosque of Kishoreganj died (Inna Lillahi wa Inna ilaihi Raziun). He was 73.

He died while undergoing treatment at Ibn Sina Hospital in Dhaka at around 5pm on Wednesday. Allama Azhar Ali was suffering from cancer for a long time. He left behind two sons and two daughters and many well-wishers.

He was a member of the Supreme Authority of Madrasa Al-Hayatul Ulia Lil Jamiatil Koumiya Bangladesh, vice-president of the Befakul Madarisil Arabiya (Befak), Muhtamim of Al-Jamiyatul Imdadia Kishoreganj.

The scholar, who was suffering from cancer for a long time, was admitted to the hospital last Friday after his condition deteriorated. Later, he was taken to Ibn Sina Hospital's ICU when the condition worsened. 

He was under the supervision of Dr. Anwar Shah when the condition becomes worsen Azhar Ali Anwar was taken to ventilation on Tuesday night.

He has played an important role in various religious issues of the country. Millions of Tawhidi people are fascinated by its excellent recitation, pure Bengali and fluent discussions. He has numerous students and fans at home and abroad.