Alexa ‘All must come forward to destroy Aedes mosquitoes origin’

Dhaka, Monday   19 August 2019


‘All must come forward to destroy Aedes mosquitoes origin’

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 07:21 PM, 19 July 2019  

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Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said that everyone will have to come forward to destroy the origin of the Aedes mosquitoes. 

“Everyone’s awareness can control the dengue and chikungunya carrying Aedes mosquitoes,” he said while addressing at an awareness rally on ‘Destroy the origin of Aedes mosquitoes and stay away from dengue and chikungunya’ at capital’s Manik Mia Avenue on Friday. 

“The drive will be carried out until the control of dengue and chikungunya carrier Aedes mosquitoes. This is a kind of battle for us. Everything is done to prevent dengue and chikungunya,” he said adding, “It is possible to win the war if you stop the origin of the Aedes mosquito,”  

Meanwhile, Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Mayor Atiqul Islam, organizer of the rally, has announced the cancelation of all the leaves and holidays for all of its officials and employees of Waste Management Department and Mosquito Control Department to accelerate the dengue control program.  

To the Dhaka residents, the mayor said, “Aedes mosquitoes are not born in the sewer. They are born at home, born in sub-murged water. It is called domesticated mosquito. So all have to come forward to prevent it. So that water cannot accumulate and Aedes mosquitoes cannot be born.”

He said that the DNCC pharmaceutical workers and supervisors are regularly working to control the mosquito. “The name and mobile number of mosquito netting staff, supervisor and monitoring officer of each area are given on the website of the DNCC. Anyone can call them over phone. The accountability will also be brought under,” he added. 

The rally was also attended by other cultural personalities, including councilors, activists, film, television, sports in the DNCC area.