Alamgir to marry Pori Moni!...

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Alamgir to marry Pori Moni!

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 Published: 03:25 PM, 29 August 2018   Updated: 03:25 PM, 29 August 2018

Alamgir and Pori Moni

Alamgir and Pori Moni

Alamgir, a very talented actor, won 'National Film Award' seven times as best actor and twice as best site artist. The veteran actor will marry a daughterly aged girl. 

Alamgir married twice in his personal life. His first wife is Khoshnur Alamgir, a lyricist. In 1973, the hero got tied up with her. Then Akhi Alamgir took birth. After the divorce with his first wife, he married singer Runa Laila in 1999.  

But now it has been reported that the veteran actor will marry a girl of the age like his daughter. But who is that girl? It is listening, he is going to marry the actress Pori Moni! Are you surprised? That's it! Because Alamgir's daughter, Akhi Alamgir grown up. Maybe she will be older than Pori Moni! 

Why will Alamgir marry Pori Moni? The story is that Railway Minister Mujibul Haque got married on 31 October 2014, at 67 years old. Immediately after the marriage, chief of the Dhara Multimedia Abul Hossain Majumder announced that he will make a movie named 'Montrir Biye'.

Sources said that Abul Hossain is known as close to the Railway Minister, so he announced that. The film will be produced under the title of' Montrir Biye' directed by G Sarkar. 

For the role of the minister in the film, the producer's first choice is Alamgir and Pori Moni as his on-screen wife. Thus, hero Alamgir will marry this daughterly aged actress. Originally the screen will show the character. 

However, producer Abul Hossain Majumder said that he wants to start shooting the film early next year.