Akash of N’ganj made Lamborghini!  ...

Dhaka, Thursday   13 August 2020

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Akash of N’ganj made Lamborghini!  

 Narayanganj Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 10:16 PM, 13 June 2019   Updated: 05:07 PM, 14 June 2019

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

A ‘Lamborghini’-like model car has built at autorickshaw workship, located beside Dhaka-Narayanganj Link Road. The car is capable of running for 10 hours at a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. The car has been made by Akash Ahmed of Lamapara village of Fatullah. 

Akash Ahmed, son of Md Nabi Hossain of the village, has a dream of riding on his own made car from childhood. And he fulfilled that dream by making the car.  

His dream began 1.5 years ago. By making the car body from the garage for building auto-rickshaw, Akash offered his father that he will build a car. And his father permitted him so that his son can pursue his own dream.  

And that’s the beginning of the journey. Seeing the cars of Lamborghini, a famous worldwide car manufacture company of Italy, he made a model of that car and continued to forward. 

He started the work by taking Tk 100-200 daily from his father. By following the tutorial from YouTube and having ship cutting experience, Akash made the car’s body from steel plate. 

“Only the car wheel and the steering wheel have been purchased,” said Akash. “Everything else is made by me. I even build the wheels suspension, headlight backlight, gear. Which is not believable at all. After trying for 1.5 years, it turned out to be a full-fledged car.” 

“Five batteries were installed in the car. Which can last up to 10 hours. And this battery will be a full charge for 5 hours. On the road, they can run at 45 kilometers per hour with two riders,” he also said.  

When asking him about the cost for manufacturing such a car, Akash said, “A total of Tk 3.5 lakh has been spent. But if the car’s body can be made from carbon fiber, then the cost can extend to Tk 3 lakh.”

Akash said that the car had faced constant problems for 1.5 years. “Due to not having prior experience, assumptions were the only way for me. But the goal was the same. That’s why the car was able to build. Since I started implementing the dream of my childhood, I firmly promised to finish it,” he said. 

“When I drive the car on Eid holiday, I received a tremendous response. Some have made a bad comment, but I didn’t r pay attention to it. I worked so hard to build the car. There’s still some work left such as doors of the car will be opened and closed by the switch,” Akash added. 

Asked about the next goal, Akash said, “I would request the government to allow the car to be marketed. I do not want to sell its design to anyone else. It will be very beneficial for me if I get the permission” 

“Seeing domestic technology and environmentally friendly car, I got orders to produce 25 more cars. If marketing, people can use this environment-friendly car for Tk 4 lakh only. There is a desire to make another car, but its model should be unpublished, said the carmaker Akash Akash Ahmed.