After coronavirus, now norovirus outbreak hits China...

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After coronavirus, now norovirus outbreak hits China

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 Published: 05:19 PM, 28 November 2020  



Now norovirus outbreak has been reported in China, the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The country’s state-run media, the Global Times, reported that more than 50 children had been infected in Sichuan province.

The first outbreak occurred in a kindergarten in Zigong City, Sichuan, the report said, informing that “the students there started vomiting.”

The virus is known to be contagious like coronavirus, mostly affected children. It causes vomiting and diarrhea. People of other ages could also be affected, warned China’s Ministry of Health.

Like coronavirus, there is no vaccine for norovirus. In February 2019, the Chinese administration began trials of the first tetravalent vaccine. “The vaccine is 80-90 percent effective,” claims Xinhua News Agency, however, has not yet hit the market. 

The Times quoted a Chinese health official as saying, “Epidemiological tests and nucleic acid tests have identified the presence of norovirus in children as a cause of vomiting. The condition of all the children is currently stable. They are being treated at the hospital.”

Last month, the virus also attacked various schools and universities in China. The virus has so far infected 685 million people worldwide so f