After ‘Amphan’, there will be ‘Cyclone Nisharga’...

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After ‘Amphan’, there will be ‘Cyclone Nisharga’

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 Published: 12:30 PM, 20 May 2020  

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The country is facing one after another disaster midst of coronavirus pandemic. ‘Cyclone Amphan’ is approaching which is the 64th cyclone in the Bay of Bengal and the coastal region of the Arabian Sea, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). In the meantime, the organization already named the next cyclone as ‘Cyclone Nisharga’. 

Earlier, the WMO had asked the regional meteorological agency RSMC for a list of names for the 65th cyclone. 13 countries including Bangladesh are members of RSMC in this region. All the countries have given 13 names. The name given by Bangladesh has been selected from this long list.

‘Amphan’ was named by Thailand in 2004 – the word means ‘sky’. But now it is a name of terror for the coastal people. This is the last on the list of storms made a few years ago. The previous one was called ‘Cyclone Fani’ – was given by Bangladesh, which means ‘snake’.  

How are these cyclones named? What will be the names after ‘Amphan’? – They are named after regionally specialized meteorological stations and tropical cyclone warning centers.  

The countries listed by the WMO or Pacific Ocean or WMO ESCAP suggest different storm names. The list includes India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, Maldives, Oman, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The countries named the cyclone that originated in this region.

In 2018, five more countries – Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Yemen – have been added to the list. The new list, released in April, has 169 cyclone names. Here are 13 proposed names from 13 countries on the list.

According to the Press Information Bureau, after ‘Cyclone Amphan’ – there will be ‘Nisharga’ (proposed by Bangladesh), ‘Gati’ (proposed by India), ‘Nivar’ (proposed by Iran), ‘Burevi’ (proposed by Maldives), ‘Toukatai’ (proposed by Myanmar) and ‘Yas’ (proposed by Oman).