Advisory committee recommends `total shutdown` for 14-day...

Dhaka, Wednesday   04 August 2021

Advisory committee recommends `total shutdown` for 14-day

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 Published: 07:00 PM, 24 June 2021   Updated: 08:08 PM, 24 June 2021

Advisory committee recommends `total shutdown` for 14-day

Advisory committee recommends `total shutdown` for 14-day

The National Technical Advisory Committee on Coronavirus has recommended the enforcement of a complete 'shutdown' for at least 14 days across the country to curb the spread of coronavirus infections and to prevent loss of lives. 

The recommendation was made at the 38th meeting of the National Technical Advisory Committee, said a press release signed by the chairman of the committee Prof Mohammad Sahidullah on Thursday.

The recommendation says that everything including vehicles, offices, and courts should be shutdown except for emergency services during the shutdown. If this system is not strictly adhered to, no matter how prepared we may be, the health system will become inadequate if the infection continues to rise in this way.

At the 38th meeting of the National Technical Advisory Committee held on Wednesday night, it was said that the corona special delta type social infection has been identified. Its prevalence has already increased in the country. The transmission capacity of such germs is relatively high. According to the data analysis of the Department of Health, high infection is being observed all over the country and very high infection is being observed in 50 districts.

The meeting further said that the usefulness of the program adopted for the prevention of diseases is being questioned. The experience of other countries, especially neighboring India, shows that such measures cannot be prevented without strict measures. In consultation with top experts in India, they said that in places where a complete 'shutdown' has taken place, the infection has been brought under control. In order to prevent the spread of the disease in the current situation and to prevent the loss of life of the people, the committee is unanimously recommending a complete 'shutdown' of at least 14 days across the country.

Professor Mohammad Sahidullah, chairman of the committee, said corona infection has increased in the country. Delta variant infections have increased dramatically, especially in more than 50 districts. And there is a risk that the infection could spread further across the country. In addition to infections, hospital admissions and mortality rates have also increased.

"If we think about India's predicament of Covid-19, from there they are slowly improving through a total lockdown," he added.