Alexa Adventurous operation BEKPA-2 (Episode-1) under Captain Touquir

Dhaka, Wednesday   23 October 2019


Adventurous operation BEKPA-2 (Episode-1) under Captain Touquir

 Shojibul Islam

 Published: 05:36 PM, 25 May 2019   Updated: 05:49 PM, 25 May 2019

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

After the failure of two countries, Bangladesh Special Forces (BANSF) in the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission has successfully launched an operation against rebel groups in the Central African Republic.

Captain Tauquir Ahmed of BANSF-3 leads the bloody operation to free the area from rebel party UPC (United municipal La Péx en Centrifica) with an efficient leadership. At the same time, around 150 prisoners were rescued by the operation. 

Why ordered for war-

Central African Republican is a country in Central Africa which rich precious minerals. Although they rich in minerals, they are in the first 10 poorest countries in the world. The governance system of the country is very vulnerable. Human Rights violation is a common matter of the country.

One of the main reasons for this crisis of Central African Republic is the well-organized and trained armed rebel group scattered throughout the country. UPC is one of the main and well-organized rebel groups among armed groups.

In October 2012, UPC took control of Bambara, very important African city. The rebels started immorality by making people immorally hostage, grabbing property and torturing. In the city of Bambari, they are the main barrier to the United Nations and the Central African Republic to establish peace in the region. 

Bangladesh Special Forces-3 at operation BEKPA-2 in Bambari

After the failer of all attempts to a peaceful solution with UPC, there was no way but military operations.

Initially, the peacekeeping forces, Mauritanian Battalion and Nepal HRPK (Highly Reddys Protection Battalion) were given the responsibility for solving the problems arising; But they failed.

In view of this, the Portuguese Quick Ration Force was deployed in Bambari on January 6, 2019 (Frago affiliated). On January 14, MINUSCA Force commander ordered Bangladesh Special Forces Company-3 to prevent well-organized and well-trained UPC.

BA-8640 captain Tauquir Ahmed actively participated in the operation and set a brilliant example of dutifulness.

Operation BEKPA-2

Bangladesh Special Forces Company-3 reached Bamberi on January 14. The next day, Task Force started operations under Bambari Tactical Commander BA-7601 Major Mostofa Anwarul Azeez. Task Force Bambari ordered BANSF of an offensive operation after in the area.

As part of this preparation, BANSF observes the campaign area on April 16 by a monitoring team. On the same day, another observation team conducted observations from the sky by the MI-17 helicopter of Pakistan Aviation. Captain Touquir Ahmed became an active participant in the observation of the aircraft and was able to achieve the details of the campaign area. Which later played a significant role in the planning of the operations commander.

The next day, on January 17, Task Force Bambari ordered Bangladesh Special Forces Company-3 to free Bambari city from the possession of armed group UPC. The operation was named Operation BEKPA-2.

Captain Tauquir Ahmed, commander of Action Party-2, made his life in jeopardy with his team members and forced the enemy to retreat. During this time, BANSF-3 was able to recover a lot of ammunition and about 150 prisoners.

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