Actress Shaon quarantined for coronavirus scary...

Dhaka, Saturday   06 June 2020

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Actress Shaon quarantined for coronavirus scary

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 Published: 04:01 PM, 17 March 2020   Updated: 04:02 PM, 17 March 2020

Meher Afroz Shaon

Meher Afroz Shaon

Mehrez Afroz Shaon traveled to the United States shortly before attending a promising book fair. But she is in home quarantine after returning home because of the outbreak of coronavirus in the United States.

She herself informed the news in a Facebook status. The social media post is –

I went to America to attend a book fair that I promised a long time ago. Despite the outbreak in Washington, the coronavirus virus was not yet found in New York. Shortly after the outbreak of the virus, a warning message was issued in several US states. Then I didn't get out of the house at all. The press conference of Humayun Ahmed Literary and Cultural Conference that was supposed to be held in New York on May 30, 31, this year, was canceled and the date of the main event was adjourned immediately. I was watching the news every moment and was wondering if I could get back to the baby?

‘I returned home yesterday with the grace of the Almighty. Although it is nice to see a health alert at the Dhaka airport, returning passengers from Dubai to the Middle East, taking paracetamol or Panadol in the airbus for ‘We will not be able to pass the airport barrier if the fever is detected on the machine.’ Everyone in an unknown fear of the word 'quarantine'. I failed completely by trying to convince 4/5 that "other family members would be risk-free of contracting coronavirus if they stay separated for just 14 days." But I decided on my own the day before I left New York. I kept talking to my father and mother - they both agreed. My sons Ninit and Nishad were also well explained. The sons have accepted the issue well.’

I am different from everyone in my Dhanmondi house since yesterday (I am afraid of the word quarantine too!). Talking for hours with my son at my mother's house. Last night after returning home, when the neighbor Shorna Bhabi wanted to hug and greet me, I forbade her. She understood and give me food staying at 3/4 yards away. For the southern breeze, the door of my house is locked for the first time!

I'm fine There is no fever, cough, sore throat.

I am now listing what I will do for the next 13 and a half days.

1 / rest

2 / rest

3 / watch the news of Corona situation in the world

4 / rest

5/ watch the news of Bangladesh

6 / rest again

7 / Netflix

8/ Netflix

9/ Netflix

10/ rest

11/ Facebook scrolling

12 / video call chat

13/ Try writing something

You can also add something to the list if you want.

Try to have well.

Stay aware of others as well.