Active Awami League

Dhaka, Thursday   23 May 2019


Active Awami League

 Sajjad Hossain Bappi, Rangpur Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 04:08 PM, 8 February 2018   Updated: 04:16 PM, 8 February 2018

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Mithapukur (Rangpur-5 constituency) is the largest Upazila of Rangpur district. This Upazila is basically known as Jamaat Base. It`s believed that some Awami League (AL) activists are responsible for the situation. On the other hand, it is difficult to find out any BNP activists in the Upazila. There is no political activity of them. There is also no activities of the Jatiya Party (JP).

Meanwhile, despite the Awami League`s organizational activities, the distance between workers and leaders of the party is increased. Former student leader and Rangpur district Awami League organizing secretary Motahar Hossain Mowla and Rashik Rahman are ahead in the next election as Awami League candidate.

However, former chairman and general secretary of the party, Zakir Hossain, has established single reign in the upazila. Once upon a time, he was so much closer to Awami League MP HN Ashiqur Rahman.

According to the allegations of grassroots activists, Awami League was somewhat lagged organizationally due to Zakir Hossain. He has no connection with party leaders and activists. Without preferring the party`s opinion, he formed various committees with his closest people. On the other hand, the party`s activities have been backward due to the clashes between Zakir Hossain and Ashiqur Rahman.

Once upon a time, Zakir Hossain, who was known as Ashiqur Rahman`s right hand, would take care of all his work. In this opportunity, he rehabilitated the BNP and Jamaat leaders and activists.

Rangpur district Awami League organizing secretary Motahar Hossain Maola said that Jamaat beat Awami League with the huge vote in the upazila elections due to Zakir Hossain. He is involved in corruption. Using the group he becomes the owner of the huge amount of illegal wealth. If the party nominated me in the next election, I will gift the seat to Awami League.

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About the complaint, Zakir Hossain said, I am not involved in any development activities. All works did by the MP. No one listens to me. I have not given any job to BNP-Jamaat leaders. All of the allegations against me are false.

While there is no open publicity of Jamaat, they are continuously organizing their organizational activities.

On the other hand, BNP activists are almost inactive. They do not have any political activities in the area. They do not even observe the centrally sponsored programs. But local leaders are seen in some centralized programs. There is no committee here for a long time. The party`s work is going on in any way through the convenor committee. However, the convenor committee is divided into two groups. one section led by Golam Rabbani and another side by joint convenor Lincon Chowdhury.

Golam Rabbani said BNP is organizationally weak at Mithapukur. If alliance Jamaat candidate participates in the election here, We support them. But now I want to nominate from the party.

Meanwhile, there is no activity of the Jatiya Party here. But sometimes they are seen to rally.

The Jatiya Party`s Fakhr-Ujj-Zaman Jahangir is seen in the area When the election comes. The activists alleged that once upon a time there was no other organizational basis without Jatiya Party. Jahangir took the Jatiya Party to the bottom.

However, Jahangir said, while I live in Dhaka, sometimes come in Mithapukur and organize the rally in different places. If the party nominated me in the next election, I will gift the seat to the party.