Alexa Action against bribe payer too: PM

Dhaka, Monday   23 September 2019


Action against bribe payer too: PM

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 Published: 01:53 PM, 18 August 2019   Updated: 03:12 PM, 18 August 2019

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that whoever takes bribes, he is not only criminal, and who gives a bribe is also a criminal. Action will also be taken against bribes payers.

The Prime Minister made these remarks on Sunday morning with the officials of his office during the post-Eid-ul-Azha exchange of greetings.

The Prime Minister said, “Whoever takes bribes in corruption is not only guilty, he who gives them is also a criminal. Keep this thing in mind. That is how action needs to be taken. And if we can do that, a lot of our work will be faster.”

She said that people are blinded by wealth, he forgets that one day he too will have to die. Keep in mind - if you die, nothing can be taken with you. Whatever you leave behind will never be useful. And if more is left, then the relationship among the children will be damaged. The fights began to fade. Now those are very visible.

"What does it mean to run like a blind man behind the property and waste everything after this?" “Spending on understanding how much someone’s income; everything to go well in every life, that we want.” But it needs to be brought to the forefront - whoever pay and receive the bribes both of them are guilty. That way, if we can take action to control it, we will be able to do many things faster; she also said.

Sheikh Hasina quoted that, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is active at this time. She also emphasized on taking an account of how much one spends.

Advisors to the Prime Minister and officials of his office, including the Secretary, were present on the occasion.