Acid thrown to make Muslims eyeless in Delhi

Dhaka, Thursday   02 April 2020


Acid thrown to make Muslims eyeless in Delhi

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 Published: 02:35 PM, 27 February 2020  

Ongoing Ant-CAA and Pro-CAA clashes have make  Delhi a crematory

Ongoing Ant-CAA and Pro-CAA clashes have make Delhi a crematory

Minority Muslims are in a deep panic over clashes between the Pro-CAA group (supporters of India's Citizenship Amendment Act) and the anti-CAA group (opposers of India's Citizenship Amendment Act). Despite the huge deaths and injuries, the situation did not calm down. Muslims are being blinded by acid throwing.

The Anti-CAA had been blocked the road from Zafarabad since Saturday. The gathering for the Pro-CAA group began on Sunday. Until Wednesday afternoon, the road under the Jafarabad Metro Station was quite quiet. The Moujpur road, a few miles away from the blocked, was desert.

But 'calm' does not mean either peace or security. It was seen on Wednesday afternoon that a woman was leaving the village in Mustafabad with her only daughter's hand. She has no objection to anyone. She followed by her husband wearing a kurta-pajamas and a religious cap. Bags on the neck and bed-blankets in hand. Their houses and shops were burnt. Now they are on the way to seek a safe haven as everything to live was burned to ashes.

Special Commissioner of Delhi Police Satish Golcha announced on Wednesday afternoon that Zafarabad, Mojpur are all empty. The entire road has now been cleared. The agitators for or against the CAA have moved away. Clashes between police and miscreants took place in Johorpur, Uttar Pradesh. Police and volunteers received phone calls from people stranded from Bhajanpura. Again, the clash was resumed in Brahmapuri and Mustafabad at night.

The number of injured has acceded 200 having 46 bullet wounds. Several injured were taken to the hospital from Mustafabad. They were acid-victims. Many of them have lost eyesight as the acid was poured on their eyes. Four of them have lost their sight completely and their faces have been burned.

A man named Khurshid lost both eyes. Even he did not receive an ambulance from Teg Bahadur Hospital to come to Loknak Joyaprakash Hospital. Then he has to move on the rickshaw. His whole face with two eyes was burned with acid.

A scary peace of crematory is existing around Zamfarabad-Moujpur now. Empty road, brick, broken glass, broken iron rod are scattered on the roads. Black smoke is still picking up from the inner lanes yet. A street store in Moujpur is burning yet. The fire was set identifying the owner as a Muslim.